(Oh S#&%! You...wanna know more about...me?)

Who: This is his slate: "I'm John Pope, I'm 5'8", and I'm SAG-Eligible." ... but he also grew up in Arizona, was raised in North Carolina, and spent his young adulthood in New York City. He is English/Italian, and can flick his chin as a musical instrument (not a joke).

What: This is his gmail signature: "Actor | Writer | Director" .... but he also likes anything film related like color grading, editing, and briefly sound designing for animation films. He is a budding filmmaker, and has trouble biting his nails though makes effort to stop.

When: This is his age range: "18 - 28" ... but he also started acting back in high school while transitioning out of band. Although John continued to play the saxophone intently throughout school, he kept doing plays, community theater, and by his Junior year, he decided his college major would be Drama.

Where: This is his commute: "Greater NYC Area" ... but he currently resides in Brooklyn. In Manhattan, he studied Meisner at NYU Tisch School of the Arts as a Drama BFA, he trained at Stonestreet Film & TV Conservatory, and he always ran to class.

Why: This is his type: "Well-intentioned Screwups" ... but he also loves playing loads of characters that fall in the "Lucas Hedges" or "Joe Cole" territory. All types aside, John's admiration of performance started with his acceptance into the picky NC Governor's School for Drama program. This solidified his decision to study acting. Subsequently, the Mary Doctor Performing Arts Scholarship awarded him $40,000 to attend NYU, and that was that. John studied Meisner/Stonestreet Film & TV Training under Karen Chamberlain, Vicki Hart, Vance Barber, and Ted Sluberski.