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(woah, they're 59 seconds long!)

The Iron Wall (2019)

I skipped my NYU Graduation Ceremony (the

not-so-serious one, there were two) to film this movie. Michael Formanski - for his CalArts MFA - went on to premiere this at Oscar®-qualifying festivals such as Palm Springs Short Fest and Rhode Island International Film Festivals.


(woah, they're 59 seconds long!)

Lapse (2017)

I was in NYU at the time studying Meisner. This film was my first actual set experience. I actually thought the film came out well, but it was never submitted anywhere. Whatever! Makes a good reel though. First time I had to cry on camera, what a joy.

I, Witness - #102 (2017)

Okay, so this was my FIRST EVER T.V. gig, and I was overjoyed to be a part of it. Hilariously, Tommy Dorfman (13 Reasons Why) was in this too. What a guy. I was just lucky enough to have some lines, and to see myself on Investigation Discovery for the first time! Oh...and I met the Susan Shopmaker Casting team. The best :-)

A Crime to Remember - #508 (2018)

After "I, Witness", Randi Glass (who was casting for Susan Shopmaker at the time) brought me in for this. I was up for two completely different roles. I knew I booked SOMETHING, just didn't know what. I got the email...and saw I booked this part I never auditioned for. So glad they did, because I got to have mutton chops.



by John Pope & Nokomis Leaman Logsdon

FBI: Most Wanted - #207 (2021)

CBS's "FBI: Most Wanted" was my first, REAL industry footstep. This was my first Network Television show, and it was a looooooong, cold day. I've also never been shot in the chest with a fake gun, so that was an absolute...blast ;-)


by Gerardo Coello Escalante

Love / Sick (2020)

Nokomis and I were supposed to film another short "Animal Heart", but due to COVID-19, we filmed this Quarantine Comedy. It got selected by Short of the Week's Best of #ShelterShorts, and I even got a Best Actor Nomination thus far!

We shot, directed, edited, colored, and sound mixed it entirely by ourselves. Enjoy :-)

Dinnertime (2018)

Gerardo won the Sundance® Ignite Fellow Competition right after this, so I knew collaborating with him was a good move. This film was based on characters my friend (Felix Jones) and I created - Ellis White and Good Vibrations. The film's script was based on an improvisational chemistry read between all the cast members, and furthermore, the script dissolved into improvisation DURING THE SHOOT. The WEIRDEST and oddly fulfilling film I have ever made.

She Came from the Woods (2017)

...was my favorite set experience and was directed by two-time Emmy® Winner Erik Bloomquist & Carson Bloomquist. It went on to give me a few laurels for Best Supporting Actor. I'm forever grateful, so please enjoy this 12 minute short.

She Came from the Woods

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